RAHUL SINGH (pr@tdsstar.com)

NEW DELHI: One is to make a good player out of nothing and one is to make a good player work like a good player. Aaradhya and Rudran are probably the best examples we can cite at the moment. The duo brothers have performed dominantly and had swept the whole under – 8 East Delhi Tennis Open 2019 held at Swasthya Vihar Clay Courts from 8th to 20th of January.

A total of 30 kids participated in the tournament which lasted up to 12 days. Aaradhya and Rudran were the two finalists who went past several hurdles to reach the finals but the two Topshot Academy’s rising stars were in top form wherever they went up till now.  Overall it was an easy ride for both of them as Aaradhya edged Rudran in the final but most importantly it was two Topshot Academy players who reached the final round.

Expressing his happiness Topshot Academy’s head coach and director Sunny Sharma was really satisfied with both the boy’s performance. His guidance and support has helped a lot and these boys have been showing signs of improvement reaching latter stages in the tournaments they have played.


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